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We have put this guide together from various non-copyrighted sources from all over the world. I am not a watch repairman nor an expert on the subject, I'm just one who sees a need to put all this information in one place for all to use.

There are gazillions of choices out there for tools and most come with little to no instructions, hence the reason for putting this together. Most of the tools out there being purchased are made in China or India.  Shure you can buy higher quality tools that were made in the USA or Europe, but you will have to dig deaper into your wallet.  So when you only pay $20 for a watch battery replacement kit, don't be expecting Swiss quality.

If you feel that acomplishing these tasks might be getting in over your head, by all means stop now and have somone with some experience do the job for you. You don't alway have to pay the high Jewlery store prices for battery replacement as you have other options like Wal-Mart and Target that do this for less than $4. Sure these two only do newer watches and only lower end watches but they are an option for some.