How To Change Your Watch Band


A spring bar is located inside the watch strap.

Insert the Spring Bar Tool (fork end) between the band and case and gently slide the pin towards the center of the strap. The spring bar should release. Carefully remove the watch band when you feel the spring bar has dislodged.

Install the new band by inserting the spring bar on one side of the case and use the fork side of the tool to push the spring in. Once the spring is between the lugs of the case move slightly until it is lodged securely in the case. Gently pull on the band to see if the spring bar is installed securely.

Some metal cases have the spring bars is visible on the side of the watch case. Use the Spring Bar Tool (pointed end) and insert the tip into the small hole in the case and gently push in. The spring bar should release. Then carefully pull strap with pin away from case. Be careful not to lose the pin.

To install the new band follow the same steps as above.


Push the pin lever on the back of the strap inward. Carefully, release watch band from the case.

Reinstall by inserting the opposite side of the pin to the case and pushing the pin in that same direction. Once the band is in the case push the pin towards the case to secure the spring bar to the case.